Today Ryan left to go back to Romania...

While much was accomplished, there were so many things that both of us wanted to do during this visit that we didn't even have time to think about let alone do, because we were sooo busy. This past weekend we attended the wedding of his cousin Meghan and had a great time...the photos are my favorites that I took of the rehearsal dinner and wedding...

The good thing is that we are headed in the right direction, have gained focus on how to move forward in raising funds and me eventually moving over there. God is so good in that, while I dreaded today for the past couple of days, HE stepped in, comforted me, and gave me motivation to begin moving forward with the plans we have made for raising funds.

I LOVE GOD and how He knows what we need, even when we don't and how He provides it even when we don't ask, because we are His children and He loves us!

Thank you Father for loving me today and always!

The happy couple, Meghan, Ryan's cousin, and Ryan, her husband!!! ...but not the same Ryan...lol

Alex, Ryan's cousin with Kobe, Ryan's nephew!

Kenzie, Ryan's niece

Rod and Wendy, Ryan's mom and dad.

Justin and Carrie, Ryan's brother in law and sister

That is Ryan n me...lol...AloHA!

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