Stupid Pits

Why is it that as soon as I feel like I am doing things the right way and obeying God, I get a smack in the face and am tempted to enter into a potential pit?

That is what is happening right now so I seek your prayers for strength to lean on the Lord and to be steadfast in my faith and convictions. God is God and I am not. He won't force me into relationship, it is a choice I have to make "day by day"...

Father, help me to see You clearly and to seek Your will for my life DAILY! Help me to stand strong and not to give into the temptations that surround me.

In Jesus precious and holy name,



This is my prayer today...


You are GOD! You are so much more than I deserve or can fathom. Make your ways my ways and your thoughts my thoughts so that I please you with my life that YOU gave me.

Today Lord, I am so tired of being average. I am tired of going about my life without meaning. I feel like sometimes my life IS meaningless, like in Ecclesiastes...

Lord, I pray that I would not continue in relationships that are not growing. That I would seek out others with whom I can have a relationship in which we mutually encourage each other in the Spirit. I want to continue growing in my knowledge of You and your Word and in relationship with You and Your people! I am tired of mundane things and of WORLDLY things...set my eyes and focus on Your Kingdom and the things You treasure and help me to treasure the same things!

Instead of conversations about other people and the latest fashion and worldly aspirations, let me have conversations filled with Your love for other people, how to use the resources I have for others and Spiritual aspirations!

I long for nothing more than to be filled with YOU! I long for a day where the things of this world will disappear and the only thing before us will be YOU in all your unmatched glory Lord!

In the precious and powerful name of Jesus Christ I pray,



Washington DC

This is the tomb of the unknown soldier.

This is the Vietnam memorial wall with the Washington monument in the background. Every day there are items left for those who fell during the war. The biggest item is a Harley Davidson. Every item is collected and stored and will soon be placed in the Vietnam memorial museum!

This is me at the Lincoln Memorial...I love it...The HUGE white columns and the thought of Abraham Lincoln and the life and presidency he led are overwhelming.

This is a group of us that got to take a private tour of the Capital building. We got to go only because the two soldiers with us were sent home after being wounded in Afghanistan...To the direct left of me is Sergeant Kurtis Dellicker. He is one of my heroes!


Yesterday I said something...I said, I have to be motivated to write something blog worthy...Well, today I simply want to praise Jesus...He is most certainly blog worthy and I LOVE him more than anything!!!

I praise You Father for being God. For being in control and for loving little ol me. I thank you for your creation, the beauty and intricate design held within, for sunshine, thunderstorms, snow, babies, older and wiser folks, and for the diversity we find in each other here on earth! Thank you for working ALL things together in ways beyond our comprehension and for using us in the process. I love you Father and pray that my life is pleasing to you!

In Jesus name,



So, I have been wanting to blog for a while...but it takes a certain motivation or inspiration for me to feel like what I have to say is blog worthy.

I will tell you about today. A little background first...

There is a guy at work. He is a Christian, interested in doing mission work. He gets on my nerves a little bit but that is ok...I can deal with that because I have learned not everyone will be my best friend in life! HA!

So, that being said a non-Christian friend of mine told me today that this guy has been talking about me a lot. He apparently thinks I brag about being a "Christian" and apparently doesn't think I do a good enough job at being a Christian.

Now, I can handle being talked about. I don't like it and it hurts my feelings but I will get through it and move on. And I have several feelings about this. Initially I was thinking "Oh no! I hope that this isn't true, that people don't think I am overbearing as a Christian!" Then I thought "AWESOME! Someone is complaining about me being a Christian!" I would rather someone accuse me of that than anything! But then I got to thinking, "He is supposed to be a Christian brother!" And I was angry and confused as to why me bragging about my Christianity would be a problem.

Now, please understand, I honestly never go around saying, "I am a Christian." The ways that I might go about letting people know, is through talking about activities I am involved in and the fact that I want to move to Romania in September to live full-time as a missionary.

Simply put, I love Jesus, strive to serve him daily, and He is a part of my life, that thankfully overflows into work! Just like someone coming to work and talking about dating someone or their soccer team, or karate class, or birthday party, I talk about my ventures in Wee Jam and bunco with the girls, and Bible study with Beth Moore!

I pray that my brother would see that I am trying to love and live as Jesus wants me to! I pray that he would be humbled and realize it is a journey for all of us and that quarreling around unbelievers can confuse and turn them off to a relationship with Jesus.

I wrote him a letter, and if there is no response or change, I will then go and talk to him, if not then I will take another believer with me and then on from there...pray that God would work this out and that He would be glorified in our relationship and that our way of handling this situation would be pleasing to him.