My home

So, seeing as how my house sold and I am moving out to a tent, I have been thinking a LOT about "home".

We all have this sense that we need to belong somewhere. The house that I sold is the house I remember from my childhood. After my parents divorced when I was 10, I always had this longing to go back to that house and live there. When my dad passed away a couple of years ago, he left the house to me and I had the chance to go back.

During this time I have learned that the longings of this world are not fulfilling.
I have learned that the arms of Jesus and Heaven are the places that I belong. I am complete and whole in those places and until I reach Heaven I will settle for a tent or whatever life God chooses for me. This place is temporary and imperfect. The life I am longing for is the life where I will have a perfect body (can I get and AMEN?) and a perfect place to live while glorifying my perfect God along with EVERY tongue, tribe, and nation!

"For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come" --Hebrews 13:14



OK folks, here it is! My furniture is for sale...pictures are below and the prices are listed...I want to use the money for a training that I will be attending in either October or January. I am going through the application process right now, so we will see what happens! If there is something you want and the price isn't right don't be afraid to let me know!

Black Pier 1 chest/coffee table with textured sides--$100

Kitchen glass top table and 4 faux suede chairs--$150

Fruit of the Spirit picture--$125

Pier 1 Wicker chair (pillow not included)--$25

Set of Williams Sonoma silk pillows (black and white)--$25

Pier 1 ring wall hanging--$10

Pier 1 matching Ceramic bowl and platter--$15

Rose candle holder--$5

black shelves (set of three-2 by mirror and 1 holding "princess")--$15

black framed mirror--$75

L shaped sectional microsuede couch--$550

Pier 1 black geometric side tables (set of 2)--$50

Pier 1 geometric lamp--$15

set of 3 vases--$5

two tan microsuede floor cushions that match couch--$20

Magnavox HDTV (I think 14 inches)--$175

Magnavox DVD player--$25

36' tall glass vase with rocks and orchids--$15

Corinthians verse painting (brown/white)--$10

black and white picture with "I am the Light of the World" at the bottom)--$15

black iron candle holder--$10 (I think I still have the red votive holders that you can switch out...of not make the price $5)!

Furniture for sale!