My journey so far...

Hey friends!

I am having a fabulous time! God has worked together lots of details and I have tried to remain open to His moving! I have been on my journey for 9 days now and so much has happened I feel like it has been weeks! I drove to Kansas City on 9/7, then to Denver the following day. In Denver I visited some outlet shops and then moved on to camp at the Garden of the gods which is at the base of Pike's Peak! I had a fabulous time and even met a couple that know LD Campbell! Small world! I got to go horseback riding for three absolutely gorgeous hours (the groin sure was sore for it too)! I also hiked and spent some time with Jesus and fellowshipped with some brothers and sisters that I met at the campground! I have seen such beautiful sky and Creation!

On 9/11 I moved on and visited the sand dunes which are west of Colorado Springs and an absolute must see if you are ever out this way! Absolutely phenomenal! It looks like God dumped His sandbox in front of a mountain! Seriously!

I then moved on down to Show Low, AZ. where I used to be a dorm parent at the American Indian Christian Mission. I have a friend here that is getting married on 9/27 and have been spending time with her and her mom and fiance. It has been fabulous catching up and laughing! There has been a lot going on at the mission here as their financial director ran off with all of the school's money. So, I have been hanging out and as Chrissy's mom Rosie said, "It is good to laugh again." So, though I had planned on leaving earlier and driving up the Pacific Coast, I am going to stay here until Wednesday morning and then leave for Billings to see Beth Moore. I will return immediately to help with Chrissy's wedding! It will be a traditional Navajo wedding and while shopping with her and her mom on Saturday I was able to purchase a traditional Navajo dress and moccasins with buckskin that wraps all the way to my knees! GORGEOUS! They gave me a gift, a purple necklace, that matches my dress! Anyhow, I feel like Paul when I say my friends here and I are mutually encouraging one another!

Thanks for all your prayers and please keep praying! I pray for our church and ABF class, and my bunco gals! MISS YOU ALL!!!