Hey friends! It has been so long since I have blogged and I just want to share a few thoughts about what God has been doing!

The past while for me has been so up and down and all around but the ONE who has remained constant is my God and Savior. I am sitting in the library typing this with tears just a streaming down my face because He is just so good.

I have struggled in life with depression at times and just being secure in Him. Recently I faced a "crossroads" if you will where I literally thought to myself, "What will I do to myself if this (a certain situation doesn't work out)???
It was in that moment that I just sat down to seek HIM because I needed answers. I heard Him speak to my heart and say that HE is the keeper of my heart and HE will care for it more than anybody else on this earth and that I need to trust HIM above all!

I was so blessed by that and up until that moment I had been questioning my relationship with Him...more than ever. I had been questioning whether I had ruined things between He and I and if I could ever be reconciled to Him. The reality of my life has been pretty dark and until now I haven't TRULY expressed to many people HOW dark it has been. I was so blown away from His answer and His speaking to me in that moment! Praise the Lord!!!

Then I was reading Beth Moore today...she took me into Exodus 15:22-27 (READ IT!!! It is 6 verses!) I was sooo thirsty, like the Israelites...Mine was a spiritual thirst. I was at a crossroads and could see that my way would have been filled with complete bitterness. As I have trusted God He has so completely sweetened the water for me and I am fulfilled in Him!

I pray that for ALL of us! Keep trusting and looking to HIM above EVERYTHING else...He is so much more able than we can imagine!