OK...so...I have been reading this book that is just absolutely phenomenal! It is called Irresistable Revolution by Shane Claiborne. He is a revolution and is truly striving to live out Biblical truth no matter how radical it may seem. Every bit of the profits made from his book goes to several charities, ministries that are listed in an appendix in the back of the book along with websites to those ministries.

I am not even halfway through this book and it is causing me to ask serious questions and to make changes in my daily walk. If you don't want to change, don't read it...

I have been on what i consider both extreme ends of the spectrum of Christianity...I have been completely lost in the pit of sin and I have felt God's presence so closely that I though I could never fall again.

There have been thoughts and feelings I have had that many people might think have been crazy or not well thought out (i.e. selling my house to go to China). This book is showing me that those things are not crazy and that GOd has called ALL believers to follow Him as closely as possible. He talks about "radicals" and how many people in the Western church see him and the ministry he has started for the Lord as being radical. He says:

"I think that if what we are doing seems radical, then that says more about the apathy of Western Christianity than about the true nature of our discipleship. And this is why 'radical' has to be coupled with 'ordinary.' Our way of life was typical in the days of Marthas, and Peter's family--houses of hospitality, which was the standard call of early Christians, who abandoned their personal possessions to a new family. This is to say nothing of the countless others who gave up everything and left their homes with no money or food or even sandals to follow Jesus. Christendom seems very unprepared for people who take Christendom that seriously." (p. 30)
I don't know about you guys...I am so tired of being apathetic and settling for the things that we Westerners see as being best for us. Maybe that is why God is sending me to an EASTERN country! I just had to share this with you all and hope and pray that we can continue growing toward being radical for Christ...
Believe me...there is more blogging to come from this book!!!
In Him,


Friends and China!

I just want to say that I am so blessed by God and friends who speak clearly and in love! Actually those friends that have spoken to my heart most recently probably don't know how much of an impact that they have had, but I intend to share with them ASAP. The problem is that I have been working such crazy hours that time hasn't permitted me getting together with them. But...I am so VERY thankful for them and for the God that has put them in my life!

That being said, I have a brief China update...I have had my newsletters written for quite a bit but haven't actually mailed them all out yet because I have hand written notes and hand addressed them all....so, the official newsletters will hopefully all be mailed out by midweek this coming week. Some got early copies because I was really excited, but you will all get "official" newsletters too!

Also, if anyone out there wants a one on one meeting with me to learn more about what I will be doing with my Father in China, let me know! I will also be calling within the next months to set some meetings up with folks so I look forward to getting to share the passion my Father has given me for His work in China!

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11



I am just feeling so blessed to be alive and to have a Father that loves and adores me so much!

I began my day by joining the gals for Bible study this morning...God's GRACE was the topic and the conversation was perfect and I was blessed by it!...then I went to the Creation museum...I enjoyed trekking through creation and the planetarium which is a MUST SEE....

Then my friends Geri and Rich preformed Gomer, a play that is about Hosea's wife...it is written and preformed by Geri, who took creative license to interpret the story of Gomer. It is a fabulous testimony about redeeming love and grace and mercy...I had seen it before but this time I was not with a date and was able to truly feel and experience the emotion that comes with knowing and feeling the grace that God extends to us.

So...I am blessed and continue to try and live under God's grace daily, realizing it is a day by day choice...

In Him,


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