Biblical Mommyhood

I have been moved.  Since having Jewell I view so many things in the pages of God's word differently.  Specifically, I have been inspired by the mothers within those pages.  I am in awe right now of Jochebed, Hannah, and Naomi...and have been so much more in awe of Mary especially.  How my heart breaks with the loss she suffered in her son while He handed her the world in that same moment.  How did she DO that?

I want to dive in a little deeper in studying mothers of the Bible.  I will plan on writing a few blogs throughout the Christmas season.  I am not sure if this will be a study about individual mothers or if it will be in regards to the qualities that many of these moms have in common, or differences between the moms.  Regardless of how it turns out I am excited to learn how to be a better mommy to Jewell through this time.  Pray for the time to be able to do this and that it glorifies God.  Also, if you have any resources that jump out at you please share them.  I miss writing and I love this new inspiration.

Blessings to you throughout the season...whether there is one person reading, 6 people, or 400 million (ha!).