Pray for my meeting today!

Hey friends! I have a phone meeting today at 2:30 to go over a huge box of stuff sent to me from the agency I am going to teach English in China with...the call should take an hour or more, just ask my Father to continue to be evident in His leading and that my heart is open to listen to Him during the preparation to go, so that I am ready!

Love ya'll!

Praying God's word...


You are God, Creator of everything, compassionate, gracious, abounding in love, redeemer, Father, Friend, wonderful Counselor, Physician,...You are EVERYTHING that I could ever want or need! You are more than I deserve!

Lord, I desire to glorify you in EVERYTHING! Please forgive me for failing to make good decisions and for allowing my sin to transform in to footholds. Deliver me from evil so that I can glorify you in my life! Allow me to be transformed by the renewing of my mind so that I can know what your will is for my life. Show me how to throw away detestable idols so that I don't stray from you ever again! I want to be a blessing to the nations of the world so that ALL people will come and praise YOUR name!


In the name of Jesus Christ I pray,




So, I just want to say...God is so fabulous and wonderful and good. Even in the midst of the pain of life He makes himself evident. I can't help but to feel blessed...then, I hear a song, and He just speaks clearly, giving me peace, the peace that you don't understand unless you have experienced it. I love Him and I pray that EVERYBODY could find the peace He offers...below, the lyrics to a GREAT song...by FFH.

However long our feet have walked on this world
We’ve all lived long enough to know
That sometimes life will go our way
And other times it won’t
But still I’ve got this joy inside of me
With each new dawn I do believe to

Say hey, it’s a good day
Even if things aren’t going my way
Jesus is Lord and I am saved
So, say hey, it’s a good day

Circumstance and situations change
You know life can turn on a dime
But there’s a constant hope and peace
That I have come to find
And it’s all because of who God is
And that He is alive and I am His, so

Say hey, it’s a good day
Even if things aren’t going my way
Jesus is Lord and I am saved
So, say hey, it’s a good day

We are all as happy as we make our minds up to be
I have just decided that nothing’s gonna take this joy from me

Say hey, it’s a good day
Even if things aren’t going my way
Jesus is Lord and I am saved
So, say hey, it’s a good day


sleep marks and a party!

OK...so the other day I took a nap and fell asleep with my ipod in my ears...well, the picture below is a result of sleeping with my ipod!

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The mark on my arm lasted for like 5 or 6 hours! I thought it was going to be permanent! HA!

Here are some pics from Andy's fab birthday party as well!

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Love ya'll!




OK...FIRST...if you don't read this entire blog, at least watch the video at the bottom to get the idea behind laminin ok? Now...Those of you in ABF remember this past Sunday when I mentioned Laminin? Well, I thought that I would take this blogging opportunity to update you completely on what it is and how it links to Creation and God! I sent out an e-mail about it once, but that has been ages ago and now I have the images to send along with it!

So, back in February...I think...a bunch of us attended the Beth Moore satellite simulcast at 1st church, then Sallie and her cousin and I headed directly over to Cincinnati Gardens to see Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and Louie Giglio. The whole experience is more than I can verbalize or write but let me just stick with the facts given to us by Louie during his "sermon." It was quite amazing and it gives our brains a little bit of something to grasp onto, if that is possible, in relation to how HUGE our universe really is.

OK...Laminin will come later...1st, he was talking about how small we are in relation to the universe, and the galaxies that God created as part of the "heavens and earth" we hear about in Genesis 1:1.

For those of you familiar with Chris Tomlin, he wrote two songs, How Great is Our God and Indescribable...The 2nd is the continuation of the first and it is his way of expressing his amazement and wonder for how HUGE our universe is and how small we are!

In the message of Indescribable the heavens are telling the glory of God, and their expanse declares the work of His hands. Night after night they remind us of just how small we are, and how huge God is. Looking out into the far reaches of the universe, we find a seemingly infinite expanse of mystery and wonder, intricately fashioned by a God of unfathomable size and power. Just a glimpse of one of the billions of visible galaxies He has formed resizes us, shrinking us, and the world we call home, to seeming insignificance in an instant. But as tiny as we may seem, the God who knows every star by name also knows yours, and mine. And in the most stunning rescue imaginable, God sent His Son to this spinning planet we call home--the Creator reconnecting us to Him with life that never ends.

How Great is Our God picks up where Indescribable left off.

M51 or the whirlpool galaxy astronomers call it the "darling of astronomy." last year, Louie Giglio show us two things about this galaxy in the deep reaches of space.

1. Every second there are new stars being bored. Millions of star incubators are found within the whirlpool galaxy.
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2. Not only that, but at the center of this galaxy is a black hole which the Hubble Telescope took a picture of...and wow, check this out

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Tell me God isn't in that!!! I looked it up..the whole thing is 1100 light years big! THAT IS SOOOO BIG...God is BIGGER...Praise the fabulous Lord!

Ok...so this thing is like so far away we can't comprehend, you know? And I totally do not get all the scientific talk, but I do get that God is in EVERY single detail, and He loves to show off and allows us to see things such as this black hole, to remind us that He is there, and here...and in control!

OK...so we go from something that is sooo huge that Earth could fit into it a few hundred times, to the smallest thing that makes up the human body, LAMININ!!!

Laminin is what holds the cells together in our body...so what right? Well, I will let you watch the following video to find out...and note, the reference to Colossians...which we were talking about on Sunday!

To silence the music, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the pause button.



So, today I read about Hannah in 1 Samuel 1-2. I recommend at least reading 1 Samuel 1:19-28 before beginning, so you have an idea what is going on!

What a great example for us to follow! Hannah was unable to bear children and begged God for a son. When He gave her a son, she gave him back without Him asking her to. Not even Abraham thought to do this on his own. He had to be asked to give his son up for the Lord. Hannah, willingly brought Samuel to the altar! How much more should we be willing to give up the things in our lives without Him asking us to? I feel like I am definitely giving some things up, and believe me, it is most definitely something I am willing to do, but God most definitely asked it of me. I didn't think of it on my own! I want to get to the place where I know what God requires, and give it to Him before He asks!

The above are my thoughts on this passage. Below, I had to include Beth Moore's thoughts! She is just a fabulous woman with more life experience and insight to share with us than I could ever have!

Beth points out that to dedicate Samuel to the Lord before he was actually born would indeed be a much easier feat than after he was born. Not only did she wait till he was born, but also until he was weaned, which would have been at about age 3 for the time in history that we are talking about. So Beth says, "I cannot imagine a more difficult time to tear myself away from a child. Still young enough to be such a baby! Old enough to question why."

Beth also points out that God allowed Hannah to be childless so that she would petition God for a child instead of assuming it to be a "typical result of marital relations." That is why she was able to dedicate him entirely to the Lord. God had amazing plans for Samuel...His plan for Samuel was "far more significant than what the most loving set of parents could devise" on their own.

When she returned to the place she had committed her child to God, the Tabernacle of Shiloh, she said to Eli, "Sir do you remember me? I am the woman who stood here several years ago praying to the Lord. I asked the Lord to give me this boy, and He has granted my request. Now I am giving him to the Lord, and he will belong to the Lord his whole life." And they worshiped the Lord there. 1 Samuel 1:26-28

It wasn't just Hannah and everybody BUT Samuel worshiping...Samuel at the ripe old age of 3 or so, was worshiping as well!

"I recall a scene, engraved in many of our memories, of a tiny boy stepping forward from His grieving mother, saluting the flag-draped coffin of a man who was not only his daddy, but the President of the United States. Imagine another scene: A tiny three-year old boy, still with creases of satiny baby skin around his plump little thighs, bending his knee and bowing before El Elyon, the sovereign God of all creation. How precious this child must have been to God. How in the world could a child of that age have such respect for the God of the universe?"

I will leave you with a portion of Hannah's prayer of praise, found in it's entirety in 2 Samuel 2:1-10.

"My heart rejoices in the Lord!
The Lord has made me strong.
Now I have an answer for my enemies;
I rejoice because you rescued me.
No one is holy like the Lord!
There is no one besides you;
there is no rock like our God."


Vote for Jeremy Camp!

Vote to get Jeremy Camp on VH1....How cool would that be?!!!


A Heart Like David's

All righty, well...I must say, I am again amazed and humbled by how God is willing to accept me and love me even though I have failed Him again you know? I told you in my last blog that I was in a not so good place and that I wasn't back to where I needed to be, meaning, living in freedom that only Christ can provide.

So, God just spoke straight to my heart, and overwhelmed me today at church. I wasn't going to go. I had a late night at work and was out after that till about 6:30 am so I didn't want to go. Well, He gave me the strength to pull myself out of bed in time for the 11 o' clock service and I am so thankful He did!

Let me begin with the past few days! I have been discussing my sinful nature and the things I have been indulging myself in with a few of my closest friends lately and God has just used them to remind me that when I don't feel loved or accepted by family or anybody else, HE is there. Not only is He there, I should seek ONLY His approval, no one else's.

I am so thankful for my friends and how honest they have been in telling me to get my stuff together. They are right in the fact that I have no business AT ALL giving up or turning to sin when HE gave everything up for me and accepts me and has gifted me to serve Him.

So, then several months ago I had spotted a book by Beth Moore called David, 90 Days with a Heart Like his. I thought to myself then that I would really like to read it. Then yesterday I was thinking about David and the Psalms he has written and just all the sin he was in and out of and thought that maybe it would be a good time to buy the book. THEN...today I went to church and what was the sermon? "Overcoming Giants." OK, so as I write this the tears are a flowing because I honestly thought to myself a couple or few days ago that God should give up on me. I definitely would have given up on me, and was very close to giving up on myself. Al these things coming together, show me how He is pursuing me and wanting me to be completely focused on Him in EVERYTHING! Thank you Father! So, if that isn't enough...I bought hte book today as soon as I was finished with lunch....and on the first page, Beth writes these words, "we cannot out-sin God's ability to forgive."

All I have left to say is praise the Almighty God that created us to live on Earth AND who pursues us. He didn't just put us here and leave us! He wants us to fellowship with Him and His people and He most of all wants us to engage in a relationship with Him....Praise the FABULOUS Lord!!!

"Teach me your ways, O Lord,
that I may live according to your truth!
Grant me purity of heart,
so that I may honor you."
Psalm 86:11



OK, so I have found myself just completely surrounded by temptation this past week and weekend and have given in and fallen from where God wants me to be.

It is hard because sometimes I KNOW that I shouldn't be in that place. He provides a way out and I ignore it because I think that is what I want and that will fulfill this need within me.

I can't say that I have fought back and am where I need to be again, but I am recognizing, through the support of a few friends that God wants better for me, even when I don't think I deserve it. And that He deserves better, even if I feel like I don't. Make sense at all? Does to me, hope it does for you too!

Anyhow, I share all of this so that you guys can pray for me AND because sometimes, when I am in this place, I feel alone. I want everybody to know that we ALL struggle with sin and we have each other to lean on. That is what the body of Christ is about! I love you people so much and am so thankful for the friendships that have developed over the past few years as well as the NEW friendships that are developing! You guys are FABULOUS!

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne. Think of all the hostility he endured from sinful people; then you won’t become weary and give up. After all, you have not yet given your lives in your struggle against sin."

Hebrews 12:1-3

"This is why we work hard and continue to struggle, for our hope is in the living God, who is the Savior of all people and particularly of all believers. Teach these things and insist that everyone learn them. Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity."

1 Timothy 4:10-13