Voo Don't

Today I am reminded that we need to pray for the Spirit and angels to be surrounding the team in Haiti. The major religion in Haiti is voodoo...
Vodouists believe in a distant and unknowable creator god, Bondye. As Bondye does not intercede in human affairs, vodouists direct their worship toward spirits subservient to Bondyè, called loa.[9] Every loa is responsible for a particular aspect of life, with the dynamic and changing personalities of each loa reflecting the many possibilities inherent to the aspects of life over which they preside.[10] In order to navigate daily life, vodouists cultivate personal relationships with the loa through the presentation of offerings, the creation of personal altars and devotional objects, and participation in elaborate ceremonies of music, dance, and spirit possession.[11]
The reality of this religion is truthfully beyond scary to me. We are only to submit ourselves to God...whenever we submit to other spirits we open ourselves up to evil. "Return now every man from his evil way and amend your doings and go not after other gods to serve them;" --Jeremiah 35:15 Be in prayer for the people our team comes in contact with. That each new person they meet would be blinded by God's light shining from within them and they would be unable to deny His presence. Pray for the team and the possibility of them coming face to face with those who may be involved with the worship of other spirits. Pray for the Holy Spirit to be close and to protect them. Pray in the name of Jesus all of these things because it is by His name only that these spirits can be rebuked. Pray KNOWING that God answers. Pray that our team would follow HIS leading in each situation, that they would listen to His prodding and also warnings He may provide. Allow them to whisper prayers for each child and adult that they come into contact with and to foster His love in their lives where they might not otherwise know love. Pray that the people of Haiti would come to know that they are the apple of His eye and they are special and not forgotten. Pray for the relationships being built within the team. There is nothing like a mission trip to bring you together with others and these relationships will remain special forever.

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