Shiny White Bathtubs

Tonight I was giving my daughter a bath and it was such an absolutely smashing time.  As I was bathing her I was thinking about how I need to clean the bathroom and several other things.  Then I thought of the group in Haiti.  The people they are serving may never see a bathtub, let alone one remotely as clean as mine is, compared to what they have. 

The fact that we have clean water here is something we don't think often about.  There are many I know working toward clean water for communities around the world and I don't think that Americans realize what a privilege it really is.

So, with those thoughts, I prayed for Haiti tonight.  I prayed for the group and their last moments there.  I pray that they wouldn't forget the feelings, sites, smells, and relationships formed.  I pray that they will bring their experiences and God moments back with them to share with a world blinded by shiny white bathtubs.  :)

And I am tired.  Good night.

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