God is so good.

I have felt so disconnected from who I am for a while.  Becoming a mom has disconnected me from myself so much I think I forgot who I was...until recently.

Don't get me wrong...becoming a mom creates a whole new aspect of life that I feel beyond blessed to be experiencing.  But there are parts of my "old life" that I miss.

The other day I got to be a part of praying for my friends JJ and Lucia as they were departing for a mission trip to New Orleans.  It was such a blessed time and I would not have missed it for the world.  They are stepping out in faith and sacrificing time with their boys, comforts of home, their bodies (have you heard how hot it gets down there? And the HUMIDITY, ugh!), and so many things to serve people that may not know the love of Christ otherwise.

Having the chance to read Scripture and pray with them awakened my love for talking with God and reading His Word in a way it hasn't in a while.  It was real and He was there among us.  I miss that relationship I have had with Him in the past but haven't TAKEN the time to foster much this past year.

Today my friend Becky was offered to go on a mission trip to Canada.  SO last minute and GODtaneous (spontaneous).  I was jealous because that has been me in the past...however in the same breath I love Becky so stinking much and have LOVED seeing God open her heart and mind to missions.  It was way closed just a few years ago and he awoke a spark in her that I knew was there and prayed she would recognize one day.  So happy to see her recognize and answer His call on her life that way.

I also have the privilege of praying for Abby who is going with the group to Canada this week and Becky's husband who will be in Peru...

I don't have much to say about any of this except to say that God is working in my life and I have the same heart for missions, just maybe my involvement in it has changed a bit.  I can pray and when He allows give. I can encourage and tell stories about my experiences.  Also, I will pray that one day again, I will get the chance to say, "Here I am! Send me."  Isaiah 6:8.

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Andrew Dellicker said...

we thank you for those prayers!
This is your season to raise up your child in the way she should go. Showing her an example of a good prayer warrior. It helps to know there are people like you back here keeping us covered in prayer.