Things that make life beautiful!

Just wanna share that...

--I love Jesus more than air or life...He fills my cup to overflowing!

--I miss home and my family and I visited today, but I also KNOW that I am not supposed to be there anymore. I am where I should be! Praise the Lord for that assurance!

--I am looking forward to a lot of things...

--I absolutely LOVED the thunderstorms during my drive today, and the fact that I got a call from somebody who is at the beach because he wanted to walk on the beach with me...too bad I couldn't hear him over the wind and we had to end the call early...but oh how the thought woos me and makes me grin! :)

--AND...the sun peeping out from behind the storm clouds and shooting glorious rays through the sky...reminds me of what I think Heaven might look like, even though I know it is a smidgen of the glory found there!

--I love my 6 year old nephew, his honest candid remarks, how he laughed today when I caught him in a lie...He told me he hugged Ariel for me at Disney and when I asked his Paw paw (the one who took him) he said, "YOU WOULDN'T GO NEAR ARIEL!" And my nephew just giggled...oh dear how I love that boy! I love kissing his face and will miss the day he won't let me anymore...

I think I am done with my blog...but not done praising Jesus for the things that make life beautiful!

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