God's word being preached...

Our God is so good and wonderful that I can hardly take it in sometimes.

I am amazed at how, even though the past weeks have been soooo very hard, He has been evident and made clear in my life through many different avenues.

I have noticed how much more fulfilling being in the Word is. It is quite literally the air I breathe, what gets me up in the morning and through my days. I have had to focus my heart and mind on His promises when everything else seemed so bleak and often too painful to have to bear or go through. So many times I wanted to give up, but because of hearing His Word, or reading it somewhere...I was able to press on...It was God pushing me forward!!! Praise Him!

One way that I have heard Him through these weeks and trials is through the past 4 sermons at church. Honestly...it has been some of the best preaching I have heard in quite a while and I haven't figured out if it is because I am SOOO thirsty for His Word or if it is because of the preachers talents God gave them (not that I want to discount their preaching ability at ALL).

But as I was sitting in L.D. Campbell's sermon on Saturday night, I realized, while a puddle formed on my lap from the tears that cleanse my soul so often lately, that it was that God's word is being spoken in such a real way...

I appreciate the pastors at my church so very much, that they are dedicated to God's word and not their own agenda being preached from the pulpit, that they are not up there with an ulterior motive to sway everyone to their way of thinking but to preach the Word of God and what HE wants us to learn and know.

So thank you Greg Marksberry for your latest series and thank you L.D. for this past week and for loving God above all, and being faithful to Him with the gifts He has blessed you with!

May all glory belong to God!

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