Body watch...

So, about 5 months ago I found a class that I love...it is a dance class to me and if you call it a workout I might not like it anymore so don't call it that! So, I began going about 3 times a week. I don't weigh myself because I am not out to be a certain weight or size. In fact if it becomes about that then I will probably quit because it is too much pressure for me. But, I have since lost about 2 pant sizes. I have muscles in places that I haven't had them in a really long time! I did used to be a gymnast, acrobat, dancer, back in the day...

Anyhow, this class is something I have come to enjoy. Not just because I can shake it, but also because of the fellowship I have found and the relationships I have built with the other women AND men in there! Yes there ARE men!

Last summer I began running, to become "fit" and because I needed a change! I did ok, but not close to the goal I wanted to accomplish! I wanted to train for a 5k but was never able to reach that goal. Well, I ran about a mile in the EARLY spring this year, which was typical of last summer. Then, on Monday, I completed my first 3 mile run!!! I was astonished! This dance class is hardcore, REALLY, and had prepared me for the cardio training needed for running, though my leg muscles begged to differ!

I was super excited and want to encourage those out there that might be struggling in the areas of weight, body shape, etc. to find something you like, in an environment you like! It is so important to enjoy it! If you need alone time, maybe walking in a beautiful park in the evening or morning is right for you. Or if you like community then there are all kinds of group classes out there to join, swimming, aerobics, dancing, spinning, team sports, and the list goes on! Heck, I think roller skating is still around!

God gave us bodies and He wants us to stay in them for as long as possible to carry out His work here on earth...So, be faithful and take care of them!

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