Sometimes I feel like the weight of this world is just too much.

Sometimes I remember that God is bigger and able to hold the weight of this world for me.

Sometimes I am hurt by the people that surround me.

Sometimes it is upon the people that surround me that I have to become vulnerable.

Sometimes I look inside myself and despise what I see.

Sometimes I look inside myself and realize how beautiful God alone has made me.

Sometimes I am hurt by the little things.

Sometimes I overcome the harshest realities and brush it off like it's nothing.

Sometimes I wonder why I am so shallow in my thinking and living.

Sometimes I feel like I am beyond myself with progress God has made in my heart.

Sometimes I am just overwhelmed with my humanity.

Sometimes I have a million things to say, and not a single chance to say them.

Sometimes I have all the time in the world to speak and am rendered speechless.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the presence of God in my life.

Sometimes I am caught so deeply in a pit of sin that I can't see even an inkling of light.

Sometimes I am so stressed that I can't sleep or eat.

Sometimes I am overtaken by the peace and joy only He can give.

Sometimes the power of God shines so brightly before me that I don't know how I ever lost
sight or will ever lose sight again.

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Amrita said...

this is so true...i am clay pot...cracked too