My Nephew

My nephew and I have tons of fun and I just wanted to share some pictures documenting some of the most recent laughs we have shared! HE IS SO FUN! The above picture is from a birthday dinner and he wanted a picture of us...

The below picture is of the Saturday before Easter when we went grocery shopping, bought bunny ears and HOPPED around the grocery...if I took even 1 step he would say...YOU HAVE TO HOP! As we hopped, he would say, "boing! boing! boing!" Super fun...and a good workout! We stopped and got starbucks cause "Aunt Mer" needed a break!

The below picture is from the same birthday party as the top picture...he took my camera to take pictures and when I tried to take it from him it was right in my face and he pressed the button...I saw the flash and smiled, and this is the finished product...HILARIOUS! I chuckled for like hours afterwards every time I would think of it...I sure do love that kiddo!


Karen said...

Love the pics! Adam just saw them and said the first one was a "scary face!" ha ha!

Living day by day for Jesus said...

I look at these and still crack up...He is sooo stinking funny! I love him sooo much!