Idols take all forms.

In my life it can be shopping, or calling on a friend instead of Jesus. For some it is having the biggest and best house, for others in the Old Testament it was building calves out of gold and worshiping them...

Before I say this, let me say, I am not judging...just thinking...and wondering.

If you have ever driven on I-75 in Ohio, just north of Cincinnati, odds are you noticed one of the biggest statues of Jesus ever built. It is also known as "Touchdown Jesus" by many because his arms were stretched up toward Heaven, much like football fans do when a field goal is kicked.

Anyways, this past week it was struck by lightning and burned. It is completely destroyed and there is an estimated $70,000 in damage. My question is, who paid that much to build it in the first place when there are starving people, orphans, and so many people in this world that are in need? Not only around the world, but right in the backyard of where that statue was built.

Again, I am not judging or making any presumptions as to if God struck it down on purpose, but I DO wonder...and I pray that I can stop putting other things ahead of HIM, who deserves all of my attention and efforts!

Here is a link to a video...


Tammy Nischan said...

Great thoughts, Amber! I love you, and I do think that so many times "other" things become our gods.............ouch.

Praying that I keep the Him the center of my everything.


Anonymous said...

I hear you loud and clear on this! And it's something that God has been reminding me of this past week...to be sure NOT to put other people or things before Him. And $70,000 is A LOT of blankets, food, medicine...Wonder what they'll do with the insurance money.