God is sooo faithful! It is times like the time that I am in now that I stand in wonder and awe at how faithful He REALLY is!

There are times when I KNOW He will come through...times that He works when and how I think He should, based on His promises...

But at times like this, when He works in ways that I never could have imagined, I am in awe!

I have been studying Genesis on Monday nights with a set of ladies from my church...we are actually working our way completely through the Bible and are now in Exodus...however I was struck by the life of Joshua.

He is favored by his father, Jacob, because of the favoritism his brothers HATED him...he was thrown into a well by his brothers, sold by his brothers and eventually taken to Egypt, was blamed for things he didn't do, went to prison, stayed there for years, then lived in Egypt finding favor from the Pharoah...

It is quite a feat for me to make it through some DAYS without complaining...however Joseph, had such a difficult life...his BROTHERS treated him horribly.

When it came time for him to reveal himself to his brothers, as they did not recognize him when they approached him, the governor of the land, he forgave them by accounting all that happened to God being in control and having a plan.

To have faith like that is so commendable...I pray that faith that Joseph so readily had would be in me when the times come that aren't so easy.

I pray that I would see obstacles as stepping stones and trials as blessings...

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