Unknown Territory!

For those of you wondering, and even if you're not wondering...things here are good! I am adjusting and beginning to build some friendships and get to know people better. I am stepping out and figuring out where I want to serve, of course it will be amongst the kiddos...

I think I will be working with some older kids...which doesn't come naturally to me, but I want to step into unknown territory for me. I am used to babysitting and just naturally gravitate toward the youngsters but I want to gain experience and I feel that it is needed and that God has placed some things and specific kids on my heart! I want to help with small groups as well as hosting some teenage girls in my apartment once a week or so to hang out, build friendships, play games, and study God's word!

Any suggestions on Bible studies for teenage girls? YIKES! Like I said, UNKNOWN TERRITORY!

The plans for Romania are currently on hold as I am working on raising funds to help complete the building of the house there. I will help with that because without there being children in the house, there is little work for me to do! Once the house is built I will begin working toward moving to Romania. I am trying my best to follow God's plan and not rush things...so pray that I would be at peace in His timing at all times!

ALSO...please pray for me as I prepare to travel to Honduras for a mission trip. It is unknown territory as well! Even though I have been there before I don't know anybody that I am travelling with! I am super excited to see how God will be working within this group though! I know He has a plan and a purpose for my involvement and I plan on just being available for whatever comes my way. The details of what we are doing on this trip are vague and I prefer to keep it that way so that I just keep an open mind and spirit and allow God to move how He wants to!


Also, I randomly met a man today at Starbucks who is a retiring minister of a Methodist church in this area...We had a great conversation about differences in beliefs and plans he has made and how he and his wife plan to be a part of ministry after retirement and we talked about my plans to eventually move to Romania...His first name is Lester...I just praise God for the contact and want you to whisper a prayer for him and his wife and whatver lies ahead if you don't mind.

I praise God for the opportunities ahead and I am praying for family and friends that are still pressing on at home and in their respective locations!


Oh...I'll leave you with this picture that I took during the Fall Kickoff for the kiddos this weekend at church...I adore it and the precious gal in it! She belongs to some new friends of mine!

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