Miracle in Honduras

I had so many amazing, blog worthy moments during my trip to Honduras last week...there are two or three moments that stand out though...the first being our trip into a village to deliver shoes to people who either don't have any, or their shoes were to small or worn out.

We had 300 pairs of shoes. The church that we visited to distribute the shoes had a list of about that many to deliver the shoes to....There were many more than that waiting for shoes...Though this picture is not the best in quality, it sort of shows the number of people outside the church waiting for shoes.

We began by sorting shoes into piles based on the sizes. We then brought children in, several at a time, washed their feet, and sized them, then placing a brand new pair of shoes on their feet. This, for many is the only pair of brand new pair of shoes they have ever had! It was humbling, amazing, fun, indescribable to be involved in this! The shoes were all donated by SAMARITAN'S PURSE as well!

After finishing handing out the children's shoes, we had some PB & Js then invited the adults in. God amazed me in how we all were just strengthened and enabled to do His will with the people He sent to us that day. Many of the men had been working, they don't wear socks, and their feet just didn't smell good. Not only that, but so many of them had very scrunched up toes and different things wrong with their feet as a result of wearing whatever shoes they could find throughout their life instead of shoes that fit. It felt fabulous to be able to wash their feet, pt a pair of socks on them, and then a pair of shoes that FIT! So many of them told us they were too big, but every time, they were just the right size, they just didn't know it...so we made them take them! HA!

Now...the amazing part that absolutely floored me...we arrived with 300 pairs of shoes...

MORE than 300 left with shoes on their feet and we had leftovers...

GOD IS SO AMAZING! I am NOT worthy, yet He allowed me to be a part of something I consider so special!

I will tell you more about a special man I met during this day in another blog, for now please Praise God with me...

" Fear the LORD your God and serve him. Hold fast to him and take your oaths in his name. He is your praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes."

Deutoronomy 10:20-21

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