Well, I didn't know I would be going a few weeks ago, but alas, I am leaving for Honduras this coming Saturday morning. I would love for you to join me in praying for the trip!

I do not know the details of what we will be doing on the trip except to say that I will be open to God's moving and following Him each step of the way. If you have ever been on a mission trip you will know that sometimes it is difficult and takes you out of your comfort zone so please pray for the following:

Pray that I am open to God's leading daily and that I don't hold back out of any kind of fear!

Pray that the group I am traveling with and I all get along and can work together toward the same goal.

Pray for the people I will meet there and on my way there, that they will have open hearts and minds to what we have to offer but that I also am open to what I will be taught while there.

Finally, pray for safety for all individuals traveling!

Thank you all so very mucho!

God bless! Dios te bendiga!

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Tammy Nischan said...


I miss you!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to let you know I love you!!

Tammy :)

Ready for coffee whenever you can come!! :) And photo-taking time!!