This is my prayer today...


You are GOD! You are so much more than I deserve or can fathom. Make your ways my ways and your thoughts my thoughts so that I please you with my life that YOU gave me.

Today Lord, I am so tired of being average. I am tired of going about my life without meaning. I feel like sometimes my life IS meaningless, like in Ecclesiastes...

Lord, I pray that I would not continue in relationships that are not growing. That I would seek out others with whom I can have a relationship in which we mutually encourage each other in the Spirit. I want to continue growing in my knowledge of You and your Word and in relationship with You and Your people! I am tired of mundane things and of WORLDLY things...set my eyes and focus on Your Kingdom and the things You treasure and help me to treasure the same things!

Instead of conversations about other people and the latest fashion and worldly aspirations, let me have conversations filled with Your love for other people, how to use the resources I have for others and Spiritual aspirations!

I long for nothing more than to be filled with YOU! I long for a day where the things of this world will disappear and the only thing before us will be YOU in all your unmatched glory Lord!

In the precious and powerful name of Jesus Christ I pray,


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