Stupid Pits

Why is it that as soon as I feel like I am doing things the right way and obeying God, I get a smack in the face and am tempted to enter into a potential pit?

That is what is happening right now so I seek your prayers for strength to lean on the Lord and to be steadfast in my faith and convictions. God is God and I am not. He won't force me into relationship, it is a choice I have to make "day by day"...

Father, help me to see You clearly and to seek Your will for my life DAILY! Help me to stand strong and not to give into the temptations that surround me.

In Jesus precious and holy name,


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Van said...

You are not alone in the pits. I just blogged on Monday about a lady I can relate to - one who lived in the pits. First step to freedom - admit your situation. Your honesty is refreshing!