Praise the Lord for new experiences and people to share them with...I can't say this is the most traditional Christmas I have ever had...

God has most certainly blessed me with the company I am surrounded with and the opportunities I have had here...

I met a girl on my last trip named Noemi...She is now 21 and she was an orphan and doesn't really have a family or anyone to care for her. I had the opportunity to hang out with her yesterday! We went on a train and a bus to the shopping center. Quite frankly I think it would have been quicker to walk! Oh well...

I bought her a new coat because she needed one and a dress for a New Years party as well as some accessories...I am so blessed to have had the ability to do that for her and my prayer is that she would know the depth of God's love for her! Please join me in praying for her!

Also...the boys are fabulous! I have loved getting to know them as 18 year olds! We have had lots of fun PLUS challenges as they ARE teenagers...Takes me back to me being one! HAHA! Anyhow I am so thankful for Romi and Mando and the new relationships I am building with them!

Romi is very techy and loves his muscles! He is also more serious and toned down...but has a good sense of humor as well!

Armando is more playful yet VERY helpful around the house! He likes to do his hair and is into taking time to get ready!

Ryan and I are having a great time spending time together, in the kitchen mostly, and preparing for Christmas! We have been taking turns baking while the other wraps presents and tonight we all four had a fabulous dinner and then went walking in downtown Arad with a couple from one of the children's homes here! Christmas here is such a cool thing! They go caroling until all hours of the night and everybody is out and about just spending time together rather than in. Very interesting and FUN!

I need to retire but wanted to send out an update after this fabulous festive occasion! Can't wait till they open their presents in the morning!!! And I am not gonna lie...can't wait to open mine either!

God bless you ALL this Christmas!



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Anita said...

thanks for sharing!!! it sounds like a very cool Christmas!!!! guess what I am doing?? :) give them a hug for me, okay?? love you :)