Jollification dates back to 1809 and is derived from the anglo-french word "jolif".

Just a little history of the new word I learned today!

I looked up jolly because that is the word I wanted to use to describe how I have been and I learned JOLLIFICATION!!! How fun of a word is that! Anyhow the meaning...MERRYMAKING!

JOLLIFICATION would be the word I would use to describe Christmas here in Romania so far...People walk the streets and dress up in cheap Santa costumes that they can buy at the store...even taxi drivers get in on the jollification by dressing up as Santa Clause!!!

Today 12-26 is a holiday as well as the 25th! I personally like that they lengthen the time that Christmas lasts!

Anyhow, just wanted to drop a line and didn't really know what I was going to write...that's that! I leave you with a photo of some jollification that Ryan, Armando, Romi, and I all participated in yesterday!

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Anita said...

thank you teacher.. :) glad you are doing well!! :)