I love who I am.

I am not saying this to be narcissistic.

It is just that God has brought me so far.

Several years ago I loathed who I wasn't AND who I was all at the same time.  I have tried to be somebody I am not and all the while could feel my heart and soul stretching and tearing because it was going ways my heart didn't want to go. 

Without going into detail the past few weeks I was confronted with something.  Something that could have been wonderful and amazing or it could have been a repeat experience from my past. 

I walked away.

I haven't walked THAT far away yet but knowing that God has strengthened me to make a decision He wanted me to and knowing the satisfaction that comes from glorifying Him with my actions is the best satisfaction I know of.

I am thankful.

Thankful for His Word that has spoken loudly into my heart and mind. 

Thankful for friends who encourage.

I am thankful He has molded me into who I am through my experiences.  No matter how difficult they were to go through at the time.

I imagine that He is chiseling me during the difficult times...literally hammering at me to knock off some of my sharp edges.  This is not a painless process but necessary for growth and becoming more of who He wants me to be.

Other times I can feel Him more gently molding me in more of a comforting and loving fashion.

I love who I am.

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