For a while I was struggling.

I had been struggling with the lack of my ability to do anything but work there for a while.

I was working, running, and that was about it...getting time off was impossible cause everyone had requested every day off. 

So, I was frustrated. 

My time with God was non-existant because I was choosing other things over Him...

Recently I had been praying that God and I could get back in cahoots to where I could FEEL it...you don't ALWAYS feel Him and I am ok with that most of the time...but I was missing Him and it was my fault.  And sometimes you go through the motions of church and worship and forget just what it is you are doing...

I am SO THANKFUL for the past week...

He met me in Nashville and this weekend and it was in ways I didn't expect. 

Nashville was a great break from work that was MUCH needed as I hadn't had more than 2 days off in a row since last October. 

Then this past week I spent some time with him and last night attended some FABULOUS worship.

Tonight God provided me with tickets to Charlie Daniels and wouldn't ya know...of course...God was there too.  We done worshiped at the concert!  We sang Amazing Grace with Charlie and it touched me in ways I didn't expect but I SOOO needed.

So...I am thankful.

Thankful for the friends I have around me and thankful for the time He gives me to experience His glory.

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