A friend who sticks closer than a brother...

So hey...

"One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."      --Proverbs 18:24

I haven't had a ton to say honestly.  I have been super busy and enjoying the people that God has placed around me for sure.  I am simply amazed at the people blessing my life that have popped up at God's prompting and I just love it.  Don't get me wrong...by quoting the above Scripture I am not discounting my family time and relationships at all...but sometimes friends become like family.

Two friends I want to mention specifically are Karen and Lucia.  Karen and I met several years ago, when she was pregnant with her youngest son, Tyler.  I love her smile, laugh and joy!  She is also so dedicated to her family and an inspiration for me personally when it comes to my NEW love of running!

Lucia and I...well it is a super cool story and I honestly am in awe at how much I love the girl in such a short time since it usually takes me a little time to be so sold out to a friendship.  I am not a shy person by any means, but I feel like I could tell Lucia anything or call her for anything and not feel like I am burdening her...and likewise, I would DO anything within my power to help her out!

Our story is quite fun.  We were supposed to be roommates on a mission trip to Ukraine.  My brother and sister in law planned their wedding like a day or two before the trip returned so I had to cancel the trip.  On went life without much more thought about the matter, except I prayed for the group and later found out that Lucia and her husband JJ had decided to move to Ukraine as a result of that trip...Pretty cool!

Fast forward to about 2008 or so...I was working here at Starbucks and I also had friends who were friends with Lucia...so we saw each other and knew who each other were.  She came into Starbucks a few times...she was a face I knew.

THEN...I move away to Ohio live for a year and a half and move back.  My friend Karen and I had remained close through my distance in Ohio and so when I moved back it was natural to hang with her and through her, I began hanging out with Lucia...and their 4 AWESOME boys! :)

We run together, eat and drink together, and there is always laughter!  LOVE them!  Through their friendships pushing me, I ran my first 10k and am actually planning to train for my first half marathon!  What the heck?!?!?!  The other thing I love love love is that many friends will think that because they are married and or have kids and I am not married and have no kids that we have to limit our interaction.  NOT TRUE WITH LOOSH AND GEORGIA PEACH (Karen is from Georgia)...I love to be invited to their kids birthday parties and playing Wii and dinosaurs with them...and even doing the potty dance after a successful potty time.  I have lots to learn from them...and believe me...they have lots to learn from me...hahaha!  Just kidding.

Anyhow...I am so stinking blessed by them and wanted to share.I was gonna post some photos...and frankly, I don't have many, I had some on my old phone of us trying on fun hats and accessories at Charming Charlies and Wal-Mart and that phone is now dead...and the others I take are usually of their kids...what the HECK???  The few I will share include a couple of their kiddos at their birthday parties and some sombreros...have I mentioned they are GREAT moms???

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