Judging those who judge???

Today I was reading about a particular situation in which I could be quick to judge and say the people involved are being hypocrites, however...if I call THEM hypocrites, it kind of makes me one too.

Scripture teaches us to love and to forgive. Not that we shouldn't hold each other accountable but that should ALSO be done in love and a way that is in the best interest of those involved. When the thought first crossed my mind, it wasn't in a loving kind of way and that is just honest! HA!

I want to be more focused on God working in my life than how other people live their lives. I want to learn to control my tongue especially, which was the focus of my Bible study tonight...Scripture teaches, "If anyone is NEVER at fault in what he SAYS, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check." (James 3:2)

Imagine...that one part of our body has been impossible for us to train and perfect since the beginning of time. We struggle with profanity, gossip, boasting, misusing God's name, inappropriate humor, and I am sure many that I haven't mentioned. Only ONE man was able to tame his tongue...and as a result was completely perfect in everything he said and DIDN'T say...

I pray that God would give me the wisdom and courage to speak when it is warranted and GLORIFYING to HIS name...and the wisdom and insight to know when to keep my lips sealed and to allow the silence to speak HIS glory!

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