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So...I was very moved during my time in Billings MT. It started when one of my favorite songs was sang by Mr. Travis Cottrell. The song is entitled "2000 years" and I listen to it on my ipod almost as much as his other song entitled "Annie's Song"...Anyhow. I just wanted to share what God has spoken to me through that song.

God gave us His son. His son Jesus gave us EVERYTHING he had to give...He gave up possessions, glory, honor, royalty, all the riches of this earth and Heaven so that he could offer us ETERNAL life enjoying the riches of Heaven. This life is so temporary. I sometimes feel like, I NEED this to help me through, or I go for some retail therapy to help me feel better. The Truth is that going to Him not only makes me feel better and have peace, it fills my cup and spirit to overflowing.

What if instead of going shopping for a new pair of shoes, new longaberger (sorry gals), new make-up, whatever it is that you do instead of seeking Him...what if we sought His face? How much more fruitful could we be? I really recommend listening to the entire song which is in the video in my most previous blog but regardless of if you do or not, I leave you with the line form Travis' song that inspired these thoughts...

"Would I realize what was really in store? That there would be so much more? Would I fall down in worship? Leave all that I treasured behind? For a chance to be closer to the man who might be the ONE who saves my life?"

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si senorita, tiene usted razon :)