Most precious moment of my life...

I am sooo blessed by the events that took place at church tonight!

It all began when I returned home from work to find my mom and nephew there, getting ready to leave for church. Tonight was the Easter program and after having watched his "Aunt Mer" participate in the Christmas program five year old Little Ron was full of questions. Are you singing? Why not? and Are your friends singing? were just a few of his inquiries.

We arrived at church, 5 minutes late as is customary for me and my mom on Saturday night...and Sunday mornings for me! So, we found a seat quickly and Little Ron settled into my lap where he could see better...right away the questions started as he began making comparisons from the Christmas program...Where is the star? The world isn't over there anymore...(I still have no idea what "world" he is talking about).

Anyhow, I tried to hush him as others around us were most likely not interested in where the "world" was and wanted to hear the beautiful singing taking place on stage. So, they got to the point in the program during which they passed out communion. On the screen was an image of bread and a cup and my nephew of course wanted to know what it was...I began explaining in my best 5 year old language the concept of communion. They passed it out and when I passed the tray on without giving him crackers or juice he asked why he couldn't take it. I explained he needed to know what it meant and in his mind he did understand and repeated exactly the things I had told him and he tried it...He didn't mind the cracker but then only drank HALF of the cup of juice...if you can imagine that being possible with as little as they give you!

Anyhow, they proceeded to show a video I have seen many times of Jesus and the crucifixion. He watched intently as they removed his clothes, placed the crown on his head, nailed his hands and feet to the cross, and lifted it up. It then showed them lowering him to the ground and you see Mary rocking him back and forth in her arms and crying. He asked and I told him "that is his mommy." He looked at me with the big blue eyes of his and asked, what is wrong with him? It was then that I got to share the story of Easter with my nephew. I told him that Jesus died when he was on that cross. I told him it was because he loved all of us very much and that he wants us to be "safe." He got this upset look in his eyes and lowered his head and said, "I didn't want to see that movie."

My heart soared as I got to tell Him that Jesus came back to life...that He was right now up in Heaven waiting for us. He then proceeded to tell me he didn't want to go up there. I told him that I hoped it would be a long time but one day we will ALL want to be in Heaven. He asked if he could take his "freaky" the name he has for his blankey, and I told him I didn't think Jesus would mind that. I told him Jesus was right now building a big house for when he gets to move there and that we get to live forever if we love Jesus.

During this time there was dialogue I didn't get into about the "bad man" (the devil) and many other things that just astounded me and gae me so much insight as to how that little guy thinks and I was soo blessed beyond words to get to be there to answer those questions, see the look in his eyes as he was angry, sad, and defeated over Jesus' death and then filled with hope as I told him about Easter!

It reminded me just what Easter is ALL about and I am more thankful than ever that Jesus did what He did...so that me and my nephew can hope together with you for that glorious day when we will meet Jesus!

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