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OK, so I am taking a step out of Psalms and into Genesis for this blog. I went to see Evan Almighty tonight, and, I have heard the story of Noah a million times growing up you know? I don't want to make the assumption that everybody has heard the story so, to let you know, the story of Noah begins in Genesis 6. Now, also, I want to say that the story of Noah and Evan Almighty contain MANY differences and don't really compare as far as accuracy goes, but the movie WAS indeed entertaining, funny, and kid friendly.

So, as I was watching this movie there was one major thing that stuck out to me. As, I have heard the story of Noah and the ark, I don't think this has ever stuck out as much as it did during the movie. The thing that stuck out is the fact that Noah really did sacrifice sooo much for the Lord. I don't mean physical things though there was physical sacrifice for sure, but he sacrificed his reputation. Now, you may find yourself thinking, yeah well he is Noah and that makes him better than me and therefore it was easy for him. That is simply not true. In fact, Noah was no saint. He made mistakes. For example, he got drunk and embarrassed himself in front of his sons.

Well, while watching the movie, which of course is set in modern times, it brings to light the fact that we ALL face pressure to live up to what our families and peers want for us. When God calls us to be different, which HE most definitely does, we find it hard to give up thinking about what others will think about us and doing it for Him who created us and controls us. We also may think that we are just not good enough to serve the Creator of the universe, after all that is a pretty big responsibility.

Think about the condition of things at the time God asked Noah to build the ark. God found favor with NO OTHER PERSON ON EARTH at the time. Now, I honestly am not sure if I could live up to that standard. If EVERYBODY I knew was living in paganism and "wickedness" I cannot say that I wouldn't conform. Noah stood out and remained faithful to the Lord and what He was asking of him.

I guess what it all boils down to for me is that we ALL make mistakes and are human, God recognizes that. BUT we need to be growing in our faith and walk with the Lord and become willing to take more risks for Him as we grow.

I am asking myself what risks I am willing to take right now...and I am praying about how I can get to the point that Noah did, at which point I would give it ALL up for HIM.

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steve said...

I can't wait to take the kids to this one. It looks like fun and it should stir some good conversation about Noah. You're right though, Noah was just a man. No one in the Bible had a different set of qualities from us that made them spectacular, other than the fact that they pursued God with everything they had and answered His call. It's easy to think that they had extra strength or greater qualities . . . but no, they were just men and women like us.

So the question comes up . . . and this is directed at me as well . . . Are you answering His call????