Walking with Jesus!

This past Sunday Jesus and I had a conversation...

I Have been asking Him to go ahead of me each day before work and to prepare the way...but this Sunday I realized, I always pictured Him going way ahead of me...and we weren't really walking closely...

Sunday I told Him I want Him to go RIGHT before me so we can still be close because I need Him next to me, so I can lean on Him and talk to Him...I just love having Him next to me all the time!!!

Now I picture it differently. I picture me walking on his feet...STEP by STEP!

I LOVE the picture He gave me because several weeks ago I took pictures of a friend's baby. She didn't want to be in them but I caught a few of him standing on her feet while she walked...much how I picture walking with God.

Take a look...and let's try to walk closer to Him...if we walk on top of His feet like in these pics...He is big enough and strong enough to reach ahead and clear our paths!

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Tammy Nischan said...

Love, love, love the analogy! That's what I want to do today! Walk on His Feet!!!!!!!

Love you!


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