Passing the Staff

I am 31 years old and have never been a member of a church other than 1st Church of Christ in my hometown. I have never known another Spiritual leader for our church than LD Campbell. I have grown to know this place as my home, the hustle and bustle of the people that attend there, the ins and outs of how that building runs, and one thing I LOVE...is LD's laugh! I love to be sitting in the cafe area, reading, talking to someone, whatever, and to hear LD laughing it up with someone!

LD loves his family, the his flock (the family at 1st church), the Wildcats, and most of all Jesus Christ...and when I think of him I think of the things that HE SAID are important to him...

He is a man of integrity and a man who follows through and FINISHES WELL.

I am so thankful for the Godly man that has led the church I have been a part of for 30 years! I don't have many words to describe the feelings I had on Saturday night as he passed the staff onto our new Shepard, Greg Marksberry...so...I will post pictures...and expand here and there!LD preaching...Love his face here! Typical LD!

The shepard preparing to pass the staff onto the new shepard...I LOVE this shot...the depth of emotion in his face makes me tear up!

I LOVE the look of respect and understanding that Greg is giving LD...enough said!

Now...I will say that even tough I am so sad to see LD moving forward in a different direction...I am SOOO EXCITED to see how Greg is going to strengthen and mold 1st Church in the coming years! My favorite things about him during this service were the respect and emotion that he wore on his sleeve. That was important for me to see because I know that he takes this change so seriously and will do his best to honor God with the future of 1st church. My 2nd favorite... was the following...

I LOVE that he loves his wife and displayed that so openly!!!

I LOVE that he told LD, "The shepard loves his flock, but the flock also loves their shepard!" WAAAH!!!

I love that LD said he isn't leaving his shoes for Greg to fill...Greg has to bring his own!!! HA!

I love that they are both God fearing, God following men!

May God bless the adventure both of their families are on right now! They are entering new territory and I can't wait to see how God uses each of them!

Welcome Greg!

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Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful service! On Sunday morning I was sitting a few pews behind where the pastors typically sit (my usual pew.LOL). LD was sitting as the congregation was singing earlier in the service. Greg eventually came back into the sanctuary (he had been sick we learned) and sat down next to LD putting his arm around LD as a son would do to his dad. It was full of love, respect, and much appreciation. No words were needed, just as in your pictures, the scene spoke loud and clear of thier really neat relationship. And THAT was enough to give me the comfort needed to finalize it all for me! What an exciting adventure for everyone, indeed!